NDIS Group/Centre Activities Brisbane & Mackay

Participating in group activities can help people with disabilities to build self-esteem and confidence, and to feel more empowered in their lives.

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NDIS Group/Centre Activities Brisbane & Mackay

Center-based Activities

Center-based activities for people with disabilities can be a big help and way to get involved for people with disabilities, giving them chances to meet new people, learn new skills, and grow as people.

What is NDIS Group/Centre Activities Brisbane & Mackay?

NDIS Group/Centre Activities Brisbane & Mackay are programs and activities that are funded through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to support people with disabilities to participate in group-based activities that promote social inclusion, skill-building, and community engagement.

The objective of NDIS Group/Centre Activities is to provide participants with opportunities to participate in activities that are tailored to their interests and requirements and support their objectives and aspirations. These activities may be of a social, recreational, educational, or occupational character and may include a variety of activities such as art courses, athletics and fitness programs, social excursions, and skill-building seminars.

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Group Centre Activities

Dirity Wellbeing Services is an NDIS Provider providing service group activities. There are a wide variety of NDIS group/centre activities available across Brisbane, catering to the diverse needs and interests of people with disabilities. 

Benefits of NDIS Group/Centre Activities

NDIS Group/Centre Activities Brisbane & Mackay
NDIS GroupCentre Activities

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Our Vision

Making a difference through Belonging, Security and Purpose. Breaking barriers through facing challenges.




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Our Aim

To work together to assist you to understand your NDIS Plan and to access services centered to you. We aim to help you achieve independence, dignity and privacy

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